After robowars processes a config file it produces a results file (ascii). This contains version information and configuration information as well as results from several scoring systems. Trying to determine which team was producing good robots the fastest is a little tricky. So several different scoring systems are being tried.

Eliminations- how many times was that team eliminated in the course of running the configuration file.

Wins- how many times did that team end with the most robots in the arena.

Points- All teams get points based on what percentage of total robots in the arena at round end were of that team. so if there are 100 robots, and team1 has 30 running, it gets .30 points. A cumulative total of points are kept for each team.

Bestbot- What was the best bot score for the team.


Current Tasks:

I also want to start tracking the types of instructions making up the programs, and the results files do have a lump of numbers holding this data, but there is no tracking or processing of this at the moment.